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The Home of The DragonWeaver
Weaving Dragon - Portal to the World of the DragonWeaver

Welcome to the World of the DragonWeaver, the Life and Creations of Marlene UmanRa

Marlene is a Natural Health Practitioner, Martial Arts Instructor, Digital Creator and Dreamer

This is her Playground and a Portal to All she offers in Service to her Clients and the New Earth

Inside you might find things to Delight…some will certainly Educate…Challenge some might…

Enter of your own Free Will…this is the playground of a Dragon…

You have been warned…it might become Addictive…

Soul Purpose

Wayshower and Ascension Guide
Gridworker, Portal & Crystal Mage
Guardian of one of the the Portals to Gaia’s Heart

Creator of Spiritual Growth Tools
Designer of Soul Inspiring Apparel & Items

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Based in Cape Town, South Africa