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Marlene dragonweaver

Marlene mcpherson (née mackenzie)

Starseed | Blueprint Connector | Wayshower | Dragon Rider | Soul Guide
Healer | Martial Artist | Creator | Spiritual Alchemist | Dreamer


I have been a dedicated Natural Health Practitioner for more than 25 years. My lifelong journey into holistic well-being is guided by the belief that there is a purpose or cause behind everything. I’m committed to uncovering the root causes of health imbalances, emphasizing the interconnectedness of body, mind and spirit.

My path in natural health began with training at the Academy of Natural Health at the Kushido International Institute in Stilbaai, an international Martial Arts System. I qualified as a NaturMotion Natural Health Practitioner in 1998.

In 2002, I established the Natural Health Centre in Worcester with my then partner, where I honed my skills. In 2013, we registered our own healing modality, Essence of Namo, inspired by Namo, the Healing Modality practiced at the Kushido International Institute. The name Namo is derived from two Japanese words that mean ‘Self-Heal’.

In my unique Wholistic Alignment Treatment, I skillfully blend five different healing modalities into a structured pattern to restore balance and vitality. In my holistic approach, I have also drawn upon my background as a computer systems analyst, utilizing my training in logic to analyze the interconnectedness of the physical body systems, as well as the mental and emotional bodies. This perspective allows me to intuitively address any individual client’s unique health challenges.

At the end of 2021, I embarked on a new journey, giving birth to Weaving Dragon as I broke away from the Natural Health Centre. This transition represents my commitment to forging my own path in holistic wellness. My clients’ well-being is my priority, and when I draw from my extensive training and unique experiences, I am humbled to be able to be a part of their journey to balance and wellness.

Martial Arts

Welcome to my world of holistic well-being infused martial arts! With over 25 years of experience, I’ve had a remarkable journey. It all began when I started full-time training at the Kushido International Institute in Stilbaai, South Africa, in 1996. This was when I embarked on a journey sparked by my passion for martial arts.

In just one year, I achieved a significant milestone by qualifying as a full-time 1st Degree Black Belt in Karate in 1997. But my journey didn’t stop there. Over the years, I diligently nurtured my skills and deepened my expertise. Through dedicated training, I reached the full-time instructor level of 3rd Dan. My journey was enriched by more than 20 years of training with a 6th Dan Instructor in a Master Student environment. While I didn’t pursue formal certification beyond a 2nd Dan Black Belt, this immersive training experience allowed me to absorb invaluable knowledge and wisdom from a seasoned mentor.

With this deep knowledge and expertise, I dedicated myself to teaching full-time as a Karate & Tai Chi Chuan Instructor. My mission is to share the profound benefits of these ancient arts with you. Whether you’re on a quest for physical fitness, mental clarity, or rehabilitation, my decades of experience ensure you’re in capable hands.

Magic of the Animal Kingdom | Animal Oracle Cards | Weaving Dragon


Weaving Creativity and Spirituality together to create Portals to the Soul

In the intricate tapestry of my life threads of creativity and spirituality have intertwined, guiding me to weave together unique spiritual tools that seamlessly meld the realms of art and technology.

AI-Infused Oracle Cards: In my pursuit of holistic wellness, I’ve embarked on the exciting venture of crafting Oracle Card decks enriched with AI-generated artistry. Each image created were infused with Light Codes and the energy of each animal. These cards are not just visually captivating but are also designed to resonate with the depths of the spirit, offering guidance and insight for those seeking clarity and balance.

Colours of Serenity: Beyond Oracle Cards, I have aslo created an enchanting sanctuary online – an Adult Colouring website. Here, seekers of serenity can immerse themselves in the therapeutic world of colouring. It serves as more than just an artistic escape; it’s a sacred space to explore mindfulness and self-expression.

Holistic Wellness Journal: The vision doesn’t stop at colouring pages; it extends into a Wellness Journal that will intertwine the meditative magic of adult colouring images. This journal will become a heartfelt companion, encouraging introspection, gratitude, and the nurturing of one’s holistic well-being through self-care.

Wearable Wisdom: Additionally, I’ve extended my creative journey to print-on-demand apparel and items. Each piece will carry the same spirit of mindfulness and spiritual resonance, allowing individuals to wear and use these creations as reminders of their inner journey.

Soul Mission

I have been on a profound journey of self-discovery, and now I find myself in a position of knowledge and readiness to embark on a significant Grid-work Project in which I will traverse Sacred Sites all across the New Earth for the next decade.

The New Earth 5D Sync Project is about bringing together a diverse community of Lightworkers and Starseeds from all across our beautiful planet Gaia. It’s a chance for every individual on this remarkable planet we call home to connect with Gaia’s Fifth Dimensional Spiritual Chakra system and elevate their energy bodies to a new crystalline blueprint.

To achieve this, we’ll create moments of pure magic through Sacred Light and Music Ceremonies and Attunements at each of Gaia’s 12 Fifth Dimensional Chakras. These moments will be shared online internationally, and we’ll complement them with Conscious Music Concerts and Festivals in the local areas near each Chakra’s location for every Ceremony.

Our journey begins at the Solar Plexus Chakra, which embraces the entirety of South Africa, with the heart of it at Table Mountain in Cape Town. We marked this special beginning on Lion’s Gate, the 8/8 Portal in 2023 with an introductory Attunement to the Table Mountain Portal.

I warmly extend an invitation for you to join me on this incredible voyage. You can participate actively, contribute your unique essence, or simply tune in with an open heart. Trust in your inner calling and higher purpose, for this is why we are here – to co-create the New Earth. This project offers a beautiful way to engage in the intricate dance of this vast billion-year endeavor with Gaia, a journey we all agreed to share.

Clarification of other attributes


Starseeds are incarnated Souls who have originated from other planets or star systems and have incarnated on Earth with a specific mission or purpose. One of the purposes of starseeds is to activate and hold the ascension portals. Starseeds have already ascended in their originating star system. They are therefore making this journey with others on Earth to show them how it’s done and to hold those ascension light codes and grids. They’ve chosen to come to Earth at this time out of free will and the wish to assist humanity.


Wayshowers can tap into the very essence of the time-space continuum as well as their Akashic Records, which serve as the primary sources of knowledge that flows into their consciousness. The wisdom they impart can therefore originate from their home planets/systems or be drawn from their other incarnations on Earth and possibly from beyond this Universe as well. In essence, the information is readily available and as this information merges with their unique energy signature, it takes on a new and distinctive quality.

As these guiding souls expand their own awareness, they gain the ability to perceive a broader range of timelines with increasing accuracy. They are also able to bring forth fresh methods of healing, integration, and embodiment to assist and ready the collective for forthcoming experiences. Most frequently, these Wayshowers teach by example, demonstrating the way through their own lived experiences. Consequently, they inspire and lead others by creating and embodying the path themselves.

Dragon Rider

The concept of a Dragon Rider is a fascinating one. Usually when a Fractal of an Oversoul Complex takes on a specific form, it essentially becomes a being that accumulates experiences for the Oversoul within its chosen Realm. In the case of a Dragon, it possesses the remarkable ability to further fractalize into both a Dragon and a Rider. This unique duality allows for the embodiment of different tasks, possibly differing in density, as seen here on Gaia.

These Dragon Riders, while on Gaia, take on a human density form. Their purpose is to anchor their Soul’s Light Codes into Gaia, essentially grounding their energy into the planetary grids, and they also hold sacred space in specific locations such as Portals. Meanwhile, the Dragon roams freely in higher frequencies, and can  merge with the Rider once the Rider can once more attain that elevated frequency level. This union allows them to fulfill the tasks they’ve chosen in the higher realms.

The synergy between the Dragon and the Rider can be likened to the concept of Twin Souls or Twin Flames. When they come together, it brings a sense of completion and a higher purpose into the Rider’s life. It’s a beautiful example of the interconnectedness of beings in the spiritual realms.

Blueprint Connector

Blueprinters are the architects of our existence, meticulously crafting the blueprints according to the divine intention of Source to create a new Realm. They oversee every intricate detail to ensure that the Divine Plan is realized in all its complexity. 

There are different categories of Blueprinters. There are Blueprint Coordinators who are the ‘leaders’ of realm creation. Blueprint Originators are responsible for conceiving the original Divine Blueprint concepts, Blueprint Designers focus on the aesthetic aspects of these blueprints, Blueprint Technicians work on the technical specifications of the Divine Plan, ensuring its intricacies were well-crafted, Blueprint Translators facilitate communication between the different aspects of the plan, Blueprint Deliverers who play a pivotal role in delivering the Souls’ Divine Blueprints, and Blueprint Changers. 

Blueprint Changers specialize in adapting and evolving the Divine Blueprint as needed. They are the troubleshooters and innovators, ensuring that the realm remains dynamic and responsive to the evolving needs of its inhabitants. Their role is crucial in maintaining balance and growth. This was my previous role.

There was need for a new section in the Blueprinters for the next phase of Gaia’s evolution. This will be an unfolding list as the next phase reveals. Details will come to the fore in the next period as these Souls awaken to their tasks.

Blueprint Connectors are a type of Translator, but their function has evolved to encompass more than just communication. This was necessitated by the process of the handover of the planetary grids to new grid-keepers. The first time this has ever transpired during the evolution of a planetary body. So this is an entirely new experience.

Spiritual Alchemist

A spiritual alchemist is someone who not only seeks personal transformation but also dedicates themselves to guide and help others on their journey of inner growth and enlightenment. They aspire to transmute negativity into positivity, awaken higher consciousness, integrate all aspects of themselves, and assist others in refining their souls through shared wisdom, support, and spiritual practices. This concept embodies a commitment to both personal and collective spiritual evolution, emphasizing the role of guiding and aiding others on their paths to self-discovery and enlightenment.

Soul Purpose

Wayshower and Ascension Guide
Gridworker, Portal & Crystal Mage
Guardian of one of the the Portals to Gaia’s Heart

Creator of Spiritual Growth Tools
Designer of Soul Inspiring Apparel & Items

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