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Thank you for joining this Magical Realm of Animal Wisdom. 

The Animals cannot wait to share and connect with you! We are all excited to embark on this Journey together. This Realm will soon be teeming with shamanic wisdom from the Daevic Animal Spirit Guides who are just waiting to assist you on your spiritual growth journey.

This Realm was created because I had created The Basic Collection of the Magic of the Animal Oracle Card Deck which consists of 111 Oracle Cards, and a charming bonus card featuring Pangolin, who managed to also sneak into the set! Each card is adorned with key phrases that encapsulate the essence of the animals’ guidance, making a guidebook unnecessary for this introductory set. I realised though that I would eventually need to provide seekers and practitioners with a comprehensive guidebook that would unveil the deeper meanings of these animal totems, and I also realised the potential to relate each of these animals to the Nine Directions of the Medicine Wheel. This journey then will eventually culminate, through a meticulous and heartfelt undertaking that will require extensive research, intuition, and a deep understanding of the symbolism associated with each animal, in a Guide Book that will not only celebrate the wisdom of animals from around the world but will also align them with the teachings of the Medicine Wheel.

Articles on Animal wisdom

This Realm is where I will be actively crafting this comprehensive Guidebook. This space will be the Portal to in-depth articles delving into the wisdom of each animal and where you will be able to follow along in my research and development for the Guidebook. 

Activate the Personal Portal in the Newsletter Signup Form below to be informed of updates.

Utilise Animal Wisdom in the Five Card Elemental Spread | Weaving Dragon

Utilise Animal Wisdom in the 5 Card Elemental Spread

The Five Elements are a collection of mystical portals that invite you to embark on a Journey guided by the unique energies and wisdom of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Spirit. It is the perfect spread that could be used for when you need broad guidance for a personal issue or a specific situation in your life. It has been oriented to utilise the wisdom of animals here, but this spread could be used for any oracle card deck. Free downloadable Journal Pages included!

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Eagle, Sacred Messenger

Regarded as the Sacred Messenger to the Creator and a Master of the Air, Eagle teaches great wisdom as it brings Illumination to the Shadows of former realities and presents you with understanding after you’ve passed your initiation tests through doing the required Inner Work and reclaimed your Personal Power.

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Finding Inner Harmony through Shamanic Traditions

Embark on a mesmerizing journey through the intricate tapestry of Jamie Sams and David Carson's distinctive take on the Shamanic Medicine Wheel. Within this sacred symbol, you'll unveil the Nine Directions, each unfolding as a profound facet of your life's intricate design, intricately interwoven with the world that surrounds you. As you immerse yourself in this timeless wisdom, you'll find yourself embraced by the harmonious guidance of Spirit Animal Guides, which will ignite your spirit and deepen your connection to the natural world.

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Crafting Connection

Embark on a spiritual journey with Marlene DragonWeaver as she bridges the gap between animal wisdom and human connection. Discover how her lifelong affinity for animals led to the creation of a unique oracle card deck inspired by animal spirit guides that assisted during her healing sessions. Join us as we delve into her story and the profound insights gained on this transformative path. Explore the magic of this spiritual connection in her latest blog post.

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