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Marlene UmanRa | DragonWeaver

Marlene UmanRa DragonWeaver Events Profile
Welcome to transformative journeys with Marlene UmanRa, also known as The DragonWeaver. With almost 30 years of experience in wellness and martial arts, I am a Wayshower & Guide on your Journey to awaken to your multi-dimensional self and your connection to Gaia. Together we Explore, Restore & Unite.
Marlene is a Soul Guide, Spiritual Alchemist, Grid Worker, Blueprint Connector & Dragon Soul.
Through my workshops and events, you'll explore mindfulness practices such as adult coloring for self-expression and relaxation, or somatic movement and embodiment practices that will help connect and align your mind, body, and spirit. I utilise my experience of the profound wisdom of Tai Chi and Chi Kung, as well as my extensive experience in the martial arts and natural health fields and create and embrace powerful tools like Oracle Card Decks, Wellness Journals, and Specialised Animal Totem Readings.
Broader international grid-work events in collaboration with other Lightworkers are aimed at attuning you with Gaia on a deeper and higher frequency energetic level as well as assisting you in upgrading your own energetic templates to the new fifth dimensional frequencies and structures.
Let's unlock your potential and walk together on the path to spiritual enlightenment and empowerment.