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I have been on a profound journey of self-discovery, and now I find myself in a position of knowledge and readiness to embark on a significant Grid-work Project in which I will traverse Sacred Sites all across the New Earth for the next decade.

The New Earth 5D Sync Project is about bringing together a diverse community of Lightworkers and Starseeds from all across our beautiful planet Gaia. It’s a chance for every individual on this remarkable planet we call home to connect with Gaia’s Fifth Dimensional Spiritual Chakra system and elevate their energy bodies to a new crystalline blueprint.

To achieve this, we’ll create moments of pure magic through Sacred Light and Music Ceremonies and Attunements at each of Gaia’s 12 Fifth Dimensional Chakras. These moments will be shared online internationally, and we’ll complement them with Conscious Music Concerts and Festivals in the local areas near each Chakra’s location for every Ceremony.

Our journey begins at the Solar Plexus Chakra, which embraces the entirety of South Africa, with the heart of it at Table Mountain in Cape Town. We marked this special beginning on Lion’s Gate, the 8/8 Portal in 2023 with an introductory Attunement to the Table Mountain Portal.

I warmly extend an invitation for you to join me on this incredible voyage. You can participate actively, contribute your unique essence, or simply tune in with an open heart. Trust in your inner calling and higher purpose, for this is why we are here – to co-create the New Earth. This project offers a beautiful way to engage in the intricate dance of this vast billion-year endeavor with Gaia, a journey we all agreed to share.

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Based in Cape Town, South Africa