The Basic Collection of The DragonWeaver’s Magic of the Animal Kingdom Oracle Cards is a set of 111 beautifully crafted Animal Cards in a gorgeous box, ready for you to explore the wisdom of Mother Gaia’s amazing animal beings.

The Basic Collection consists of the 111 Oracle Cards, and a charming bonus card featuring Pangolin, who managed to also sneak into the set! Each card is adorned with key phrases that encapsulate the essence of the animals’ guidance, making a guidebook unnecessary for this introductory set. However, there is an Animal Kingdom Realm where I am actively crafting a comprehensive Guidebook. This online space will evolve into an ever growing collection of in-depth articles that will delve into the wisdom of each animal and you can follow along as I conduct thorough research and development for the Guidebook.

This collection also features a specially crafted five-card animal wisdom elemental spread designed to amplify the depth and insight of your oracle card readings. Each deck comes wrapped in a silk cloth for creating an uncluttered space to set out your spreads, as well as a specially selected crystal. I also infuse every deck with Light Codes and my Dragon’s energy before sending it your way!



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